Ginger’s Story

My passion for birth began as a child, fostered by my being the oldest of seven children. It wasn’t until after the births of my own three children that I began exploring the culture of birth in America. Seeing all the options available to women today I was particularly moved by the Midwifery Model of Care. I started apprenticing with several area midwives providing me with a whole spectrum of experience to draw upon within my own practice.

I have been assisting women to safely deliver their babies in the comfort of the home, or birth center, since 1997. Natural childbirth promotes a healthy baby, a healthy mother, and an immediate bonding experience for the entire family. My holistic approach to midwifery care stems from the belief that pregnancy is a natural state of health. This belief has been reinforced by the 1000+ births I have attended throughout the years.

And I’m a mom too …


Positions, Licensure, & Accomplishments:

Licensed Midwife
Treasurer for the North Texas Midwives Association
A.T.M. Member: Associate
A.T.M. Preceptor
American Pregnancy Association Member

I have Extensive Experience with:

Waterbirth (See my Water Birth page for more info.)
The Nest Birth Center
Natural, unmedicated birth
Home births
Bradley method birthing

“I am so glad that we were able to have a homebirth. It is the best decision we have ever made. I cannot imagine birth any other way. I could not have done it without the loving support of Ginger and the rest of her team.”

– Erin C.

“Ginger was a great support to me through the pregnancy. I really appreciated it since this was my first birth and I was terrified of all the possibilities.”

– Amy P.

“With Ginger, I feel like my husband and I can be in control of our birth. She’s a very pleasant and mild-mannered, sweet person, and I trust her ability and her judgment completely.”

– Dawn G.

Licensed Midwives in Texas are regulated by The Texas Midwifery Board
under the Texas Department of Health (now the Department of State Health Services) Professional Licensing and Certification Division.