By Autumn P., Saginaw, TX

Mom of Noah (08/12/05), Josiah (01/14/07), Victoria (3/26/08), and Baby #4 due 03/25/10

I was originally going to have a hospital birth, but when I asked my doctor what her C-section rate was, she was very evasive and could never give me an exact number. My aunt had two of her three children with a midwife, so I knew about midwifery. My husband wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea of a home birth with a midwife, but because of the way our doctor visits had been going, we decided to at least check it out. We found Ginger, and after speaking with her at one consultation, my husband and I both knew this was the way we wanted to go. Ginger was very open, she didn’t sugar-coat anything, she had opinions but didn’t force them on you, and I trusted that she wouldn’t put me in danger. I had both of my sons with Ginger, and when I found out I was pregnant with my third, there was no question that we would use her again.

Ginger16bI started care with her at around 8 to 10 weeks, and there was nothing negative I could say about the entire experience. I had pre-term labor and for about two weeks had really bad contractions. We lived close to Ginger at that time, and while we were out walking the neighborhood, Ginger invited us to come over to her house so she could check to see if I was dilating.

My water broke the morning of March 26, and my mom, aunts, Ginger, and I all packed up and walked to McDonald’s for breakfast. We joked along the way that we would surely get a discount on our meal if I had the baby there. No luck, the baby waited, and we went back home after breakfast.

We just hung out, and I took several baths and felt restless. I’m really blessed that I don’t have pain during my contractions. I had pain-free labor with all three of my children. I believe fear plays a role in how much pain someone experiences. If you take your arm and flex it for as long as you can, it doesn’t hurt. I think we have fear because of what we’ve been taught to believe about childbirth. I recommend the book Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize – it really helped me, and usually I have several copies on hand to give out to pregnant friends. The key is trusting your body to do what God designed it to do, and finding a midwife you can trust also.

Ginger16cMy labor progressed throughout the day, and when Ginger checked me at around 4:30 that afternoon, I still had some water around the baby’s head, and Ginger asked me if I wanted her to break my water. I said yes, and when she did, I pushed like three times, and my baby girl Victoria was out – born at 4:48 p.m.

It was amazing. I just can’t imagine doing it any other way than a home birth or with any other midwife than Ginger. After delivering all three of my babies, she is definitely part of the family, and we get together for dinner or lunch even when I’m not pregnant. Ginger is someone who will be honest with you and you can be honest with, someone you can really trust. She’s like an older sister or a really good friend. And she will be delivering our fourth in March 2010.