by Danielle K.

Mom of Matthew and Allison

I had my first baby Matthew in England, where it is very pro-home birth and positive about midwifery. We moved back to the States, and I knew I wanted to have another home birth with my second, but there are a lot of options for a midwife in the Dallas area, and I didn’t know who to choose. I looked on a website called and asked for recommendations from other mothers, and Ginger’s name came up as a top choice. I met with several different midwives, but I really liked Ginger’s personality the best. She seemed like she was answering my questions without me having to ask them, and she was very genuine.

I started my care with Ginger at 12 weeks, and was a pretty easy patient without any major complications. However, one challenge that I faced was getting hyperemesis, which made me puke the whole time severely, and I was losing weight instead of gaining it. This had also happened with my first baby, but Ginger helped me deal with it through dietary strategies like eating an apple when I first woke up and small meals throughout the day. It really seemed to help, and although I only gained a total of three pounds for my pregnancy, my second baby Allison came two days after her due date and was perfectly healthy at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, two pounds more than my first child.

I started having contractions in the middle of the night and went into active labor at around 7 in the morning. Since I had been up the whole night and was having a water birth, my husband wanted me to call the midwife immediately since I was in our huge tub and he didn’t want me to drown. Ginger and her assistant came out, and they were great. They sat with me in the bathroom and in the living room when I would get out of the tub, and when I wanted to be left alone, they would hang out with my family and just check in with me periodically to get the baby’s heart rate and make sure everything was okay. They were hands-on when I wanted them to be and hands-off when I wanted them to be.

I continued puking throughout labor, and although I could keep down water, Ginger wanted to be proactive and give me an IV to make sure I didn’t get dehydrated. But I guess my body freaked out at the thought of the IV, because my water broke and the baby came out before Ginger’s assistant could get to the nearby birth center and back with the IV.

My husband became an EMT to help in case of any emergencies, and he was able to help deliver the baby. He was in the tub with me, and helped guide Allison out, as well as helped check the placenta. It was such an amazing experience for him that he is now in nursing school studying to be a nurse.

After eleven hours of active labor, Allison was born at 8:05 p.m.

We are planning to have more children and have already told Ginger that we will use her again. She went above and beyond my expectations, checking on me and the baby, sending Christmas cards, and making me feel wanted even after her job was officially done.I would tell people who are planning for a home birth to choose a midwife that they get along with on a personal level, someone they can be friendly with. For us, that was definitely Ginger.