Let's Talk !

As your midwife, I strive to be available for you when needed. Let’s talk about the “when needed” part of this.
My normal office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00a.m. until 5:00p.m.
• My appointment days are Monday and Wednesday. Occasionally, I must see clients on other days due to births, illness, or any other emergency.
• Should you have questions or concerns during those days/hours, please call or text. For general questions after hours, please email me.  I will reply to your email within 24 hours…usually sooner. If you are in labor or have an emergency, ALWAYS CALL!!
• While I am a fan of texting, I NEVER text while driving. Always call when your need is urgent. If you want to text me outside of my office hours, your concern must be urgent, so please CALL.
• I do not respond to texts after 9:00p.m. Always call with an emergency. If your question/concern is not urgent, email & I will respond after 9:00a.m. Monday through Saturday. I do not return texts on Sunday.
• Family illness or emergency    • Emergency with another client in my practice.
• I do not communicate through Facebook Messenger. I find it to be a HIPPA violation of privacy as there is no way for me to control the security of the communication.
• I am always honored to have you as a Facebook friend, and welcome you posting pictures of your care/birth, but I will not post them myself due to privacy issues (HIPPA) without your permission.
• My Sunday margin is reserved for church/family time. We spend time with our church family as well as our own families, enjoying what has been given to us and giving back to others. On this day, please limit calls to emergency questions/situations/labor. Email any “non-emergency questions” and I will reply on Monday morning. I do not return any texts on Sunday. Out of respect for my husband and family, I adhere to our Sabbath Margin ☺
• A midwife’s world revolves around “the due dates” of her client’s, so scheduling time away from her practice is something that takes a fair amount of thought and consideration. I do not schedule vacations within 3 weeks of a client’s due date, and will inform you when you hire me if your date clashes with any vacation plans I may have. I always have a back-up midwife cover my away times.
It’s really hard to have clear boundaries with our clients, whom we always come to love and never want to disappoint, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of you ☺ I will happily discuss any of these points with you in person.
Happy Pregnancy & Birthing my Dears!!